brew install --cask raycast



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TT: Translator 2022-03-02

Hi @deptno 👋

Thanks for your contribution 🔥, well done! I have some comments for you:

There is already an open PR with papago search #888 started by @wooogle – it would make sense to use one of the extension as a base and both contribute.
Some feedback for your extension

At the moment, Raycast doesn't support localization and only supports US English.
-> I removed code related i18n.
The name of the command needs to be understandable, check Naming convention
-> I changed the name of the command to `Translator`.
Do I need to register for a key before “history” and does that make any sense?
-> No. You don't need to register for a key to use History. It isn't related.
We do already have Google Translate so it makes sense to make the Papago translater and focus on that?
-> Translation services are not accurate. so, It usually need to compare multiple service for betters understanding.
Let me know your thoughts


  • i18n 제거
  • command 이름 변경: TT -> Translator or Babel?
  • 히스토리랑 키 등록은 무관하게 사용가능하다. 키 등록은 파파고를 위한 거다.
  • 번역기는 완벽하지 않다. 때문에 여러 번역을 함께 보는 것이 큰 도움이 된다.